Explore Europe’s tomorrow today

On 6-8 December, Europe will take centre-stage in Maastricht: the place to explore and experience what Europe means.

The Maastricht Europe Days bring together citizens, policymakers, scholars, journalists and performers to explore new perspectives on Europe and our collective European future. And to keep working towards what we need, want and can do better in Europe – together. Because Europe is by no means a finished product.

Treat yourself to three days of thought-provoking meetings, critical debates, surprising workshops and a broad cultural offering.

about the Maastricht europe days

Maastricht has been inextricably linked with Europe since 9 December 1991 when the summit culminating in the Maastricht Treaty fleshed out Europe’s commitment to developing a collective future. And that’s still the case today. The Treaty made Maastricht famous, but its European character is more than just symbolic. Maastricht is the place where every European is invited to come and think, come and put critical questions and come and dream. And that’s why we organise the annual Maastricht Europe Days around 9 December.

The annual Maastricht Europe Days are supported by the partners of the Maastricht, Working on Europe programme: the Province of Limburg, the City of Maastricht and Maastricht University.

The MED 2019 programme has been co-created, in part, with De Balie, producer of art, culture and political programmes. The partners that collaborated in MED 2019 are:


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